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 School of Arts and Sciences

​Inspired by wider knowledge of the world, the School of Arts & Sciences is committed to the unending quest of deeper insight into the world of the arts and sciences field. Working to develop and nourish the rational, affective and spiritual dimensions of the whole person, students in the School of Arts & Sciences receive a wide knowledge of the liberal arts, while also taking on practical internship, clinical or research experiences in their area of study that provide development in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication in preparation for entrance into the workforce or for graduate studies.

 Class Cancelation Procedures

1.       Send an e-mail to the students in each of your cancelled classes with an assignment or instructions on
           what they will need to do to cover the material for the cancelled class.
2.       Send an e-mail to Sharon Freund, Sue Gius, and Kaley Conrad with the details of your cancellation.
3.       DO NOT contact One Stop or anyone else at Marian – the posting of all cancellations is taken care of
           through the through the SAS secretaries.
3/31/2014 3:19 PM

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