What is an internship?

  • Temporary, supervised, structured, work experience
  • Provides the student with exposure to the realities of work to aid in career decision-making
  • Provides the student with an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and skills to real-life situations
  • All business students within the School of Business and Public Safety are required to complete 300 hours of internship experience; this is a requirement for graduation

Internships: Real-World Experience Before Graduation

The internship experience allows the student to apply classroom knowledge to the real world of business. Equally as important, this experience allows students to establish relationships with various businesses and organizations, often leading to professional employment opportunities after graduation. Upon graduation you will not only graduate with a top-notch Business degree from Marian University, you will also have a resume stacked with internship and service-learning experiences.

The internship experience within Marian’s School of Business and Public Safety is an integral part of the business student’s academic plan. Faculty and staff emphasize the importance of gaining hands-on experience, developing strong leadership skills, and being involved in service-learning experiences. A dedicated Internship Coordinator is available to assist students with the internship requirements, exploring internship opportunities, finding a site, etc. Sites of internship experiences are generally related to the students' career goals and to avenues that students would like to explore.

Internships Help Employers Find the Right Fit

Not only is the internship experience a valuable experience in many ways for the student, it is often equally as valuable to the employer. In most cases, the employer views the internship as a “temporary interview.” Finding job candidates who are the right fit and stick around is a common problem many businesses face. It can be very costly as well. If the student is a good fit and exhibits the knowledge and skills needed during their internship experience, chances are very good that a permanent job offer will be extended upon graduation.

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