Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Conference
*NOTE: All Fond du Lac Police Department demos and presentations will start over every hour * 
Fond du Lac Police Department Presenters
Lee Mikulec:
Detective Lee Mikulec is with the Fond du Lac Police Department and is a Crime Scene Detective.  Detective Mikulec has been with the Fond du Lac Police Department for 29 years.  He has been a Detective for 10 years. Detective Mikulec is a fire investigator for the police department and has been investigating fires for the past decade as well.  Detective Mikulec will be presenting on fire investigation.
Patrick Primising:
Detective Patrick Primising has been a Police Officer for over 32 yrs, 31 of which with the City of Fond du Lac. During this time, he has been assigned to SWAT, MEG, Detectives Bureau, and new officer hires. Detective Primising will be discussing various facets of investigations such as narcotics and general types of cases investigated by the Detective’s Bureau.
Keywon Brown:
Officer Keywon Brown is the Fond du Lac Police Department Computer Forensic Investigator. Hired in January of 2008, he has been a Police Officer for 6 years and held the position of Computer Forensic Investigator for 1 and a half years. Topics to be discussed and presented will be that of the steps taken to become a Computer Forensic Investigator, in regards to Fond du Lac Police Department, the need for continued training and education in this field and an exploration into the responsibilities, expectations and realities  of being a Computer Forensic Investigator.
Steve Olson:
Officer Steve Olson from the Fond du Lac Police Dept. will be presenting on the Heroin Epidemic affecting our community.  Officer Olson is a 15 year veteran with the Police Department, and currently serves as the department’s Crime Prevention Specialist.
SWAT Team:
The Fond du Lac Police Department SWAT team will be displaying their recently procured BearCat armored vehicle.  The team will also have a representative that will showcase some of the equipment that the FDLPD SWAT team deploys with on an operation.