Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions
Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other school professionals know and demonstrate the content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and skills, pedagogical and professional knowledge and skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

Evidence List for Standard 1 Section


14A1 DPI 5 Year Approval Letters

14B1 IPEDS Report 2010

14B2 IPEDSD Report 2011

14B3 IPEDS Report 2012

14B4 Title II 2008-09

14B5 Title II 2009-10

14B6 Title II 2010-11

14C1 KSD Alignment Leadership Studies

14C2 Content Alignment Dir or Special EdPupil & Services

14C3 Content Alignment Dir of Instruction

14C4 Content Alignment Principal

14C5 Content Alignment School Business Adminstrator

14C6 Content Alignment Superintendent

14C7 Alignment DIAL

14C8 Alignment Early Childhood

14C9 Alignment Educational Technology

14C10 Alignment Elementary Middle

14C11 Alignment Leadership Studies

14C12 Alignment PhD

14C13 Alignment Special Education

14C14 Alignment TCH Program

14C15 Gates Chart

14D1 DIAL Gate Assessment Data Summary

14D2 Ed Technology Gate Assessment Data Summary

14D3 LS Gate Assessment Data Summary

14D4 TCH Gate Assessment Data Summary

14D5 UG Gate Assessment Data Summary

14D6 Completion Rates


14D7 edTPA SP13 Status Report

14E1 Dispositions Advanced Programs

14E2 Dispositions Initial Programs

14E3 Dispositions Scoring Guides and Policies & Procedures

14F1 Disposition Data Summary

14G1 Advanced Assessment Sample

14G2 Advanced Assessment Sample2

14G3 Initial Teacher Analysis Sample

14G4 Initial Teacher Assessment Samples1

14G5 Initial Teacher Preplanning Sample

14G6 Teacher Lesson with Assessment Sample

14H1 Student Samples

14I1 Alumni Survey Teacher Education Graduates

14I2 Alumni Survey Leadership Studies Graduates

14I3 Results Leadership Studies Graduates

14I4 Results Teacher Education Graduates

14I5 Results Teacher Education Undergraduates

14I6 Summary Report Spring 2013 

14J1 Alumni Survey Teacher Education Employers

14J2 Alumni Survey Leadership Studies Employers

14J3 2012 Results Teacher Education Undergraduate Employers

14J4 2012 Results Teacher Education Advanced Employers

14J5 2012 Results Leadership Studies Employer

14J6 2010 Employer First Year Graduate Follow UG Report

14J7 2011 Employer First Year Graduate Follow Up Report

14K1 K12 Student Data