On Campus Housing Options

Administration 111


Our largest residence hall, Naber Hall is a co-ed facility that’s home to most first-year students at Marian. This three-story residence hall houses 145 students. Special programs provided by resident assistants focusing on first year college topics are provided throughout the year to ease the transition to the Marian community. Naber Hall is furnished with TV lounges (one on each floor) and a kitchenette. The entire hall is completely carpeted and also contains per wing, four private showers in a common bathroom. Laundry facilities for Naber residents are located on the second floor.

Each room in Naber Hall includes:

The Naber Hall front desk is staffed for guest registration, security, and questions from 8:00pm to 6:00am every day.


The Courtyards are a unique style of housing, whether you’re an incoming freshman or an upper class student. Laundry facilities for the courtyards are available behind Courtyard 7. The Courtyards have three different options:

Courtyard House

The Courtyard House is a two-story unit with an open lounge downstairs and a loft overlooking from above. It is a combination of four clusters of three bedrooms with two students per room (for a total of 24 students per house). A kitchenette is also included in the House option which includes a refrigerator and a microwave.

Courtyard Penthouse

The Penthouse is made up of three-bedroom apartment style living options (two students per room). Penthouses are equipped with only a refrigerator.

Courtyard Efficiency Suite

Efficiency Suite options are made up of three –bedroom apartment style living (two students per room). It is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and a sink.

In all three options of the Courtyards, the bedrooms and lounge areas are carpeted and equipped with air conditioning.

Each bedroom in the Courtyards includes:

Courtyard Efficiency Living Area includes:

Cedar Creek Apartments

In our Cedar Creek Apartments, you will enjoy full apartment-style living. One and two bedroom units provide students a close to campus option that features a full kitchen, which includes a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, as well as a spacious living and dining area. Cedar Creek does not have light fixtures in the living room or in the bedrooms. You will need to bring your own.

Each Cedar Creek double-occupancy bedroom includes:

*Single Rooms are equipped with only one bed, one desk, and one dresser. They also include a closet along with cable and internet hookups.

Cedar Creek kitchen and living/dining area includes:


Would you like to live with a group of friends? Would you enjoy apartment-style living? If your answer to both these questions is yes, then the Townhouses are the housing option for you. The Townhouse offers you the on-campus option of apartment style living you want. They feature 14 townhouse units of seven students per unit. Each two-level townhouse unit has three single bedrooms and two double bedrooms. The townhouses are equipped with bathrooms, full kitchen and a spacious living/dining area. Laundry facilities for each townhouse are located in the basement.

Each Townhouse double-occupancy bedroom includes:

 *Single Rooms are equipped with only one bed, one desk, and one dresser. They also include a closet along with cable and internet hookups.

Each Townhouse kitchen and living/dining area includes: