Staff of the Year Award

The Staff of the Year Award recognizes staff employees who make exceptional contributions to the
Marian University community. All members of the Marian community are encouraged to nominate a staff
member in recognition of exemplary contributions for the betterment and advancement of the

Award Guidelines

Nomination Criteria

Employees can be nominated for the award by any member of the University staff, faculty,
administration or student body. To be considered for the award, the nomination must be
submitted on this fillable nomination form and address how the nominee meets at least three
out of the four criteria outlined below:

Inspirational Focus
Employee consistently recognizes and meets the needs and requirements of those they are assisting,
collaborating with, or supporting to achieve a common goal. The nominee demonstrates compassion,
positive attitude, pride, and genuine care, as well as assists with problem solving. Additionally, he or
she uses inspirational and focused techniques that reflect a positive image of the institution,
interacting with others in a positive, enthusiastic, and cheerful manner.

Community and Service
Employee consistently supports University practices, policies and procedures, in addition to bringing
about positive change in support of the University’s mission and core values. The nominee
demonstrates the spirit of community by offering support to fellow employees and by assisting in
collective efforts to accomplish a task or goal (committees, volunteer, etc.). He or she takes a positive
and effective approach when interacting with faculty, staff, or students and performs work that brings
attention and distinction to the department or University.

Innovation and Proactive Leadership
The nominee inspires and leads others to contribute constructively to the University’s mission and
core values and proactively identifies and pursues ideas to resolve challenges. He or she serves as a
positive role model for others and recognizes others’ special events and/or accomplishments, either
publicly or privately.

Employee puts forth an effort to improve self, as well as to develop and recognize others. He or she
acts as a mentor for others by providing advice, guidance, feedback, and encouragement, in addition
to sharing job knowledge when appropriate. The nominee seeks opportunities for additional learning,
either professional or personal.

Submission Information

Nominations addressing at least three of the four indicated criteria must be submitted on this fillable
form to be considered for the award. Multiple nominations for the same employee are allowed.
Nomination materials will not be returned. Please only nominate one employee per form.

The deadline to submit nominations is April 22, 2024.  The award will be presented at the Faculty/Staff Recognition Dinner, May 8 lunch. 

Staff of the Year Nomination Form

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Please describe why your nominee should be considered for the Staff of the Year Award.
Be sure to address how the nominee meets at least three of the four criteria below:

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