Voluntary Withdrawal Process

Any student in good academic standing may voluntarily withdraw from the University. A student voluntarily withdrawing must have a confidential exit interview with a designated University official. First, it is recommended that you connect with your Academic Advisor, the Financial Aid Office, and if you live on campus, the Director of Residence Life. Secondly, you must submit a Request for Withdrawal from the University form. This is the first of a two-step process.  The request will be sent to the Coordinator for Student Success and they will assess who is the best University official to facilitate your interview. This is a requirement for withdrawal. During the interview meeting, you will finish the withdrawal process by completing an Official Withdrawal From the University form.  

First Step:

Second Step:

Submit the Request for Withdrawal from the University with the electronic form. 

By submitting this request, the Coordinator for Student Success will review your submission and forward the request to a University official.  This staff person may be your advisor, the Athletic Director, or TRIO staff member. The designated person will set up a meeting with you to discuss your withdrawal.

Keep in mind:

You will have a meeting with the University member, discussing your experience at Marian and your choice to withdraw.  The University staff person will assist you in completing the Official Withdrawal Form. This form requires your signature and the University staff person’s signature.  Once the Official Withdrawal form is completed and signed it is forwarded to the Registrar’s office for processing.

This process is not in place to impede your ability to withdraw, but to ensure that Marian University has provided every opportunity for your success as a student.

Additionally, you will need to review if you have financial obligations regarding your University bill or Financial Aid obligations/changes.  The timing of your withdrawal will impact your financial aid and potential billing/refund.  It is imperative that you meet with the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Business and Finance.